Hello All,

My name is Victoria, and I am your friendly, Licensed Esthetician at Advanced Body Sculpting USA!

I am here to announce that I will be beginning a skin tightening journey. I plan to undergo a “near” complete lifestyle change. Truth be told…I enjoy a good cold beer and frito pie from time to time, so I say a “near” complete lifestyle change (because I can’t deny myself an occasional indulgence). Now, I know all too well how expensive eating healthy can be. So I will pick low cost, health conscience meals that can be prepared on a variety of budgets.

I intend to cut out 95% of refined sugar and processed foods. I also plan on implementing a 3 day/week workout plan. I am targeting certain muscle areas, so my plan will be quite specific. I have to be careful of my cholesterol intake, but also consume a high amount of calories to maintain a healthy body weight(I tend to battle extreme weight fluctuations, typically losing weight at alarming rates).

You may ask yourself, “She loses weight erratically, why is she even doing this?” Well…Advanced Body Sculpting is for more than just destroying and ridding the body of fat. We tighten skin as well. Let me be the first to tell you… Our Skin Tightening technology WORKS! Look at these results from a client of ours after only three treatments!

I am excited to begin my journey!

Here is my before picture. I will focus solely on our Radio Frequency Skin Tightening technology. Examine my stretched out skin from bearing children. I never want to completely rid my abdominal area of these war scars. I am completely proud of them…I just want to lift, tighten, and tone. First treatment begins 7/30/2019!

It’s going well! 8/4/2019

Went full force!

Two treatments down and I’m liking the results so far. I opted to go in full force. I wanted to know what would happen if I took it to a high level. I ended up having a bit of bruising. I don’t recommend you doing what I did. After much research and training, i found out that i didnt have to be this aggressive. You receive the same results at a lower level…lol. None the less…I now can educate my clients about this and adjust treatments accordingly. I’m excited to see where I am at the end of my treatment plan!